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Ad BTC is one of the best PTC sites that pay in Bitcoin. So, here you can get big rewards with little effort. Because it is one of the top-paying bitcoin PTC sites. Therefore, here you can get free bitcoins for viewing websites in an active and inactive window, in auto surfing, also for watching video ads. So, you can earn up to 40 Satoshi per click and view many ads per day. Meanwhile, the Minimum Payout is 0.00015 BTC. Payment can be made to your FaucetPay Micro Wallet account, or to your Direct Wallet Address. Visit Ad BTC


Coin Pay U is one of the new free bitcoin PTC legit websites where you can earn bitcoin just by clicking ads. So, you can earn large amounts of bitcoins, because the links to the ads additionally appear throughout the day. Also, you can earn a commission from your referral clicks. All your earnings are protected as well as your account safety and privacy. Visit CoinPayU


Koiniom is one of the highest-paying Bitcoin PTC sites. So, you can earn free Bitcoins just by watching advertisements. Thus, Koiniom offers several different ways to earn: View Advertisements, Active Window Ads, Offerwalls. Active Window Ads works like a surf bar with a few easy captchas. Also, this site has a great Affiliate Program with a 3 level referral commission scheme – 15%, 10%, and 5%. Meanwhile, the Minimum Payout is 200 Coins. Payments are made instantly to your FaucetPay Micro Wallet. Visit Koiniom

BTC Bunch

BTC Bunch is a great platform to earn free bitcoin and other crypto coins. Meanwhile, here you can earn free coins for visiting websites, completing offers, visiting shortlinks, from the faucet, daily bonuses, level system, and more.
PTC Ads you will find in the top Menu item “Jobs” ? “Paid To Click”.
For viewing 25 PTC ads you will get 1000 Tokens bonus every day. More bonuses you will find in the Menu section Jobs ? Achievements.
Also, BTC Bunch offers a 25% commission from your referral earnings. All your withdrawals will be processed instantly to the FaucetPay wallet. Visit BTC Bunch

Btc Vic

Btc Vic is one of the oldest top Bitcoin PTC sites. So, here you can earn money for visiting websites without much effort or special knowledge. Legit Bitcoin PTC site. Also, here you can advertise to get thousands of new customers. All visitors to this site are those who are interested in bitcoins. Referral program: 50% commission from your referral earnings. This site pays you 50 Satoshi per ad view. Also, they pay 25 Satoshi for referral ad reviews. The minimum Payout is 0.00015 BTC. Payments are usually transferred to the bitcoin address within one week. Visit Btc Vic

BTC Clicks

BTC Clicks is a legit bitcoin advertising platform and one of the oldest and the best bitcoin PTC legit websites. On this site, you are paid in bitcoins for clicks on ads. So, you can get free bitcoins here just for visiting websites. Also, this site has a referral system. You can earn up to 0.00025 mBTC per click. Meanwhile, the minimum Payout is 0.0001 BTC. ( Payment Proof ) Referral program with a 40% to 80% commission. Visit BTC Clicks